Deploying Smart Contracts

Learn how to deploy and remove Ethereum smart contracts using Remix and MetaMask.

In this lesson, we'll focus on how to deploy a smart contract to a full-fledged test network using Remix. We'll connect it to our MetaMask account and see how to deploy a smart contract, interact with a deployed smart contract using Remix, and remove a smart contract from an Ethereum network.

Smart contract deployment

To follow along with this lesson, keep in mind the following prerequisites:

  • We need to have access to a MetaMask account with the test Ether that we got in one of the previous lessons.

  • MetaMask should be using the Goerli network.

  • The smart contract in Remix should include all the recent changes from the last few lessons.

This contract now contains additional methods, such as increment and remove, and looks like this:

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