Execute a Smart Contract Method

Learn how to execute smart contract methods from a web application.

In the previous lesson, we saw how to read data from a smart contract and use this data to populate our application’s UI. In this lesson, we'll continue improving our frontend and implement a feature that'll allow users to send bids to an Auction smart contract.

Executing a smart contract method

The last feature we'll implement will allow users to send bids to the Auction smart contract. We already have the BidInput component that renders components to input a bid amount and place a bid, so all we need to do is update this component to send an Ethereum transaction that'll execute the placeBid method.

To implement this, we need to add two new properties to the BidInput component that we'll use later to send a transaction:

  • contractAddress: This is the address of the contract that the user has provided. We'll use it to specify where to send the transaction.

  • currentAccount: This is the address of the current user’s account in MetaMask.

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