Deep Equals

Deep Equals


Write a function that will take in two items of any type. The function should perform a deep equality check.

Inputs: Any, Any

Output: Boolean


  • Deep equality is used to check equivalence of objects and arrays. Because of the concept of value vs. reference in JavaScript, the equality operators (==, ===) can’t help us. They’ll always return false for two different arrays or objects even if they contain the same items.

  • If we’re comparing objects or arrays, we need to go into them and check that each item is the same. If the item contains other arrays or objects, we need to go into those items as well.

  • It’s entirely possible to have objects or arrays nested several levels deep. Our function will have to drill all the way down into every object.

  • This problem tests several JavaScript concepts:

    • Value vs. reference
    • Quirks of different data types such as NaN and null
    • Use of typeof
    • Ability to reuse code

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