Flatten Array

This problem will allow us to perform a task that has practical uses in a developer's career. We'll discuss how to flatten deeply nested arrays and why a recursive solution is a good way to attack this problem.

Flatten Array


Write a function that will take an array of deeply nested arrays and extract every item, flattening the array. It should return a new array that contains the items of each internal array, preserving order.

Input: Array

Output: Array


flatten([ [ [ [1], 2], 3], [4], [], [[5]]]);
// -> [1, 2, 3, 4, 5]

flatten(['abc', ['def', ['ghi', ['jkl']]]]);
// -> ['abc', 'def', 'ghi', 'jkl']


  • As in the last problem, we have to process every item we receive. There’s no way to get around that so the best time complexity we can hope for is O(n).

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