Why This Course?

Let’s discover some reasons for taking this course and what we’ll learn.

What is Python?

The Python programming language is simple but has its quirks like any other language. This course uses these quirks as a teaching opportunity. By filling in the gaps in your knowledge, you’ll improve your Python skills.

Research shows that people who make mistakes during the learning process learn better than people who don’t. If you use this approach when fixing bugs, you’ll likely find more enjoyment in bug hunting and become a better developer with each bug that you fix.

About this course

The teasers in this course are designed to help you avoid mistakes in the future. They’re created from common errors encountered when shipping bugs to production.

More importantly, teasers are fun! You can also use these teasers to impress your coworkers, hold friendly competitions, and improve your skills.

Intended audience

This course assumes at least some level of knowledge and experience with Python. It’s not designed to learn the basics of working with Python. If you don’t know Python, we recommend learning it first, and you should! After all, it’s fun!