What is Blazor?

Learn what the Blazor framework is and how it helps build web applications using C# and the .NET platform.

Blazor is a web development framework used to build Single Page Applications (SPA) with C# and the .NET platform.

Blazor’s popularity

Introduced with the release of .NET 3.0, Blazor quickly became popular, although the first versions were not complete and fully stable. Now that it has gained stability, its adoption and popularity are growing by the day.

Benefits of using Blazor

As .NET developers, we can build client-side web applications with Blazor using our .NET knowledge. In other words, by using Blazor to create our web application, we benefit from the following advantages:

  • We can use our C# and Razor knowledge instead of JavaScript and HTML.
  • Ability to leverage the full power of the .NET platform.
  • Ability to share code across the server and the client.
  • We can use the .NET development tools of our choice.

Blazor lets us build our web applications with the development environment we already know.