Demo Application

Learn how to integrate different endpoints of the Dailymotion Data API with the help of a React application.

We'll cover the following

This lesson walks us through a React application that integrates Dailymotion Data API. We'll use the endpoints related to the following operations in the application:

  1. Retrieving videos

  2. Retrieving playlists and videos

  3. Retrieving channels and videos

Application workflow

Click the “Run” button in the widget below to run the application. Once the application has started, click the URL against “Your app can be found at:” to view the application.

  1. After running the code below, the home page shows some videos from the Dailymotion website that we can play and watch.

  2. The playlist page displays the list of playlists. We can also retrieve a specific playlist by clicking it.

  3. The channel page displays the channel’s ID, name, and description. We can retrieve videos of a specific channel by clicking the channel's ID.

Note: We use a custom hook, useFetch, defined in useFetch.js to fetch the data from any API endpoint.

Please use this lesson in the appendix to refresh the access token.

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