List and Filter Playlists

Learn and practice to retrieve playlists and filter playlist attributes using the Dailymotion Data API.

A playlist is a place to group videos in one place. These videos are not necessarily related, but it is always better to keep videos organized by adding them to the relevant playlists.

In this lesson, we'll see the following endpoints of Data API related to the playlist object:

  • Retrieve all playlists: {base_url}/playlists

  • Retrieve a specific playlist: {base_url}/playlist/{playlist_Id}

Get a list of playlists

This API call uses GET method and returns playlists available on Dailymotion. To retrieve a list of playlists, we'll add /playlists to the base URL of Dailymotion Data API.

Request parameters

This endpoint does not take any required parameters but takes optional parameters like fields, sort, page, limit, search, and owner. A description of these fields is available in this lesson.

Note: The code below extracts an ID to be used later, so don't forget to save the extracted value. Please use this lesson in the appendix to refresh the access token.

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