Introduction to the Course

Get an overview of the course, its prerequisites, and its intended audience.

Dailymotion is a video-sharing platform that is available worldwide in different languages. It helps users to search, watch and upload quality videos. The Dailymotion Data API makes it easier for users to fetch information about the Dailymotion objectsIn Dailymotion, everything is considered as an object, and it can be a video, playlist, user, channel, player, or subtitle. by using the API calls.

What is an API?

An API is a software gateway that allows different software components to communicate with each other. An API helps expose the capabilities of an application to the outer world, allowing for programmatic access to its data.

Consider the case of an application service like Dailymotion Data API that provides a mechanism to fetch videos, playlists, channels, and user information. Building and exposing an API for this service will allow others to programmatically fetch the data this service offers, such as video data.


We’ll make calls to the Data APIs using HTTP request format in the JavaScript programming language. Therefore, this course requires:

  • A basic understanding of APIs.
  • Basic knowledge of JavaScript programming language and React library.
  • An understanding of the HTTP requests structure and functionalities.

This API course is intended for:

  • Students with basic HTTP request knowledge and are interested in learning new APIs.
  • Developers who want to explore and integrate Dailymotion Data API.
  • Professionals who have ample experience with other APIs and intend to explore the Dailymotion Data API.