Video Operations on Playlist

Learn how to perform different operations related to videos on a playlist using Dailymotion Data API.

In this lesson, we'll see how we can add videos to our playlist, how we can check if a particular video belongs to a playlist, and how to retrieve a list of videos available in a playlist. We'll use the following endpoints for these tasks:

  • Add a video to a playlist and check if a video is connected to the playlist: {base_url}/playlist/{playlist_Id}/videos/{video_Id}

  • Retrieve a list of all videos in a playlist: {base_url}/playlist/{playlist_Id}/videos

Add a video to a playlist

In this section, we'll add videos to our playlist. We add our uploaded video to the playlist, but we have some video IDs in the table below. We can also use them to add these videos to the playlist by making POST request to {base_url}/playlist/{playlist_Id}/videos/{video_Id} endpoint.

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