The End...?

Take the next steps to continue learning Swift programming.

We'll cover the following

Or just the beginning?

You have reached the end of the course and, hopefully, have a better understanding of how to program in Swift than you did before you started.

If you have a macOS system I recommend installing Xcode, starting a playground, and practicing the concepts covered in this course.

If, you don’t have a Mac, download and install the Swift toolchain for your Windows or Linux system, and get to work that way.

For the ultimate reference guide to Swift, be sure to refer to Apple’s “The Swift Programming Language” guide, which is available online at the URL provided in the “Useful Resources” lesson.

If your goal is to develop the next great app for a platform such as iOS, watchOS, or macOS (or to get a job working for someone who wants to), then this is just the beginning of the journey. Once you are confident in your Swift programming abilities, the next step is to learn SwiftUI. A great starting point for that journey is the “SwiftUI Essentials - iOS Edition” book, which is available online via the link in the Useful Resources section of the appendix.

Wherever you go from here, I wish you the best of luck and great success in your programming endeavors.

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