Swift toolchain

The Swift toolchains for Windows and Linux systems are available for download at the following URL:


Swift getting started

The “Swift Getting Started” web page provides steps on how to compile and run Swift code on Linux and Windows:


Apple Developer Program enrollment

Use the following link to enroll in the Apple Developer Program:


Apple Developer Member Center

Once enrolled in the Apple Developer Program, use the following link to access the Member Center:


Markup language syntax documentation

For more information on how to use the Markup language in Xcode Playgrounds, refer to the following link:


The Swift Programming Language guide

Read Apple’s “The Swift Programming Language” guide is available online at the following link:


SwiftUI Essentials - iOS Edition

The “SwiftUI Essentials - iOS Edition” book is a good place to start learning to develop using SwiftUI. Read the book online using the following link:


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