Who Should Take This Course and Why?

This lesson will introduce you to the course skill level, learning objectives, and reasons to take this course.

Course skill level

This course will guide you from Terraform beginner to master.

Why you should take this course?

In our modern world, software systems and infrastructure are more complex than ever before. We need a way to manage and configure the infrastructure and components of these systems. We also need to be able to define our infrastructure as code so that it can be checked into source control, shared between team members, and used as an original blueprint of the system. Ultimately, we want a tool to manage infrastructure for us, thus freeing ourselves of time-consuming and error-prone manual configuration.

Write, plan, apply

Terraform is an industry leading infrastructure-as-a-code tool. It allows you to define your system in code and then run it to make your infrastructure look exactly how you have defined it. Terraform allows you to configure pretty much anything from a cloud like Azure, AWS, GCP to any other component or service like Postgres, Kong, or DNSimple. The possibilities are almost endless.

Learning objectives

We will work from the ground up in this course, starting with what Terraform is and the problem it solves. We will then guide you through the features of Terraform. In each chapter, we will build on your knowledge so you will be able to write a complete project to configure infrastructure using any vendor or migrate your existing infrastructure into Terraform.

Learning outcomes

We will be working with AWS in the course as it is a widely used cloud and makes for great examples. That does not mean that you will only be able to use Terraform with AWS, however. With your new-found Terraform skills you will be able to successfully use Terraform to configure and set up infrastructure from any vendor.

You will be able to successfully use Terraform to configure and set up infrastructure from any vendor.

Soon, you will be able to consider yourself a Terraform master!