Demo Application

Learn how Twilio APIs are integrated into a Django web application.

We gained hands-on experience with the Twilio APIs in the previous chapters. We’ll now integrate those APIs into a Django web application that mimics the behavior of a shopping website.


The demo application given in the following widget simulates an online shopping workflow as explained below:

  1. When we run the application, the first page we see is the Register page. Create an account using the Register page. After completing the registration, we’ll receive an SMS confirming the successful registration.
  2. The next page we see is the Login page. Enter the credentials to successfully log in to the application.
  3. After logging in, we’ll be redirected to the Checkout page. The application will ask us to provide a one-time password (OTP) that we already received on our phone. Enter the OTP to complete the checkout process.
  4. After providing the correct OTP, we’ll finally reach the Order Placed page, which confirms our order and informs us that a confirmation message has been sent to our WhatsApp number.

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