Twilio Conversations

Twilio’s Conversations API builds virtual spaces (“Conversations”) for users to communicate across multiple channels. Instead of building separate solutions for online chat versus SMS or WhatsApp engagement, we can provide the communication experience across all of them using one API.

In this lesson, we will interact with a demo Conversations application. We can find the code of this application here. To get the demo application up and running, we need to go through the below steps:

  1. Create a Conversation.
  2. Add an SMS participant to the Conversation.
  3. Create an Access Token.
  4. Add a token to the demo Conversations application. At this point, the application gets connected, but there are no Conversations listed yet.
  5. Add a second participant to the Conversation.
  6. After adding the second participant, we can see ourConversation listed in the sidebar. Select the Conversation and start conversing.

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