Learn how to provide the user with some information about the application using Snackbar.

Login Modal View

Let’s look at the modal view, which is used as a login form. Our REST API already supports managing user sessions using the following routes:

  • /api/login [POST]
  • /api/logout [GET] (login required)
  • /api/ping [GET] (login required)
  • /api/whoami [GET] (login required)

Once we can establish a user session, we’ll use that on the client-side to determine whether the user will be allowed to edit data or not, and we’ll update the user interface accordingly.

“User Login” is one of the more involved chapters of the course because of how many places the session management touches. Fortunately, most of it is boilerplate code that we can reuse on other projects once it starts working.

About the application

In this lesson, we’ll install and import the notistack library in the module.

This is what the application looks like:

Note: To login, use the username admin and password 123

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