Create AWS Security Credentials

Learn how to create AWS security credentials.

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Create IAM user credentials

Follow the steps below to create an IAM user’s security credentials in order to access AWS services via the AWS CLI programmatically.

  1. Sign in to your AWS user account.

  2. Navigate to the IAM console and click “Users.”

  3. Choose an existing user for the programmatic access or create a new one.

  4. Select the user and navigate to the “Security credentials” tab.

  5. Click “Create access key” in the “Access keys” section.

  6. On the “Access key best practices & alternatives” page, choose “Other” and click “Next.”

  7. Add a description and click “Create access key.”

  8. The access key and secret access key are displayed on the “Retrieve access keys” page; take note of the values because they are only shown once, and store them in a secure location.

Note: It is recommended that AWS security credentials be rotated on a regular basis and that IAM users be granted the least privileges possible.

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