Create a Cluster

This lesson focuses on creating a cluster and the necessary requirements and gists for this chapter.

We'll cover the following

Pulling the code #

The vfarcic/k8s-specs repository will continue being our source of Kubernetes definitions we’ll use for our examples. We’ll make sure that it is up-to-date by pulling the latest version.

🔍 All the commands from this chapter are available in the Gist. Just as in the previous chapter, it contains not only the commands but also Prometheus’ expressions . If you’re planning to copy&paste the expressions from the Gist, please exclude the comments. Each expression has a # Prometheus expression comment on top to help you identify it.

cd k8s-specs

git pull

Given that we learned how to install a fully operational Prometheus and the rest of the tools from its Chart, and that we’ll continue using them, I moved it to the Gists. Those that follow are copies of those we used in the previous chapter, with the addition of environment variables PROM_ADDR and AM_ADDRs and the steps for the installation of the Prometheus Chart. Please create a cluster that meets (or exceeds) the requirements specified in the Gists that follow, unless you already have a cluster that satisfies them.

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