Revise and Test the Concepts

In this lesson, we will revise and test the concepts we have learned in this third chapter through a small quiz.

Short recap of the chapter #

We explored quite a few Prometheus metrics, expressions, and alerts. We saw how to connect Prometheus alerts with Alertmanager and, from there, to forward them from one application to another.

What we did so far is only the tip of the iceberg. It would take too much time (and space) to explore all the metrics and expressions we might use. Nevertheless, I believe that now you know some of the more useful ones and that you’ll be able to extend them with those specific to you.

Remove the previous resources #

For now, I’ll leave you to decide whether to move straight into the next chapter, to destroy the entire cluster, or only to remove the resources we installed. If you choose the latter, please use the commands that follow.

helm delete prometheus \
    --namespace metrics

helm delete go-demo-5 \
    --namespace go-demo-5

kubectl delete ns go-demo-5 metrics

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