Revise and Test the Concepts

In this lesson, we will revise and test the concepts we have learned in this chapter through a small quiz.

Version Of HorizontalPodAutoscaler #

Please note that we used autoscaling/v2beta1 version of HorizontalPodAutoscaler. At the time of this writing, only v1 is stable and production-ready. However, v1 is so limited (it can use only CPU metrics) that it’s almost useless. The Kubernetes community is working on new (v2) HPA for a while and, in my experience, it works reasonably well. The main problem is not stability but potential changes in the API that might not be backward compatible. If you’re running Kubernetes 1.11+, you might want to switch to v2beta2. If you do so, remember that you’ll need to make a few changes to the HPA definitions we explored. The logic is still the same, and it behaves in the same way. The only visible difference is in the API.

🔍 Please consult HorizontalPodAutoscaler v2beta2 autoscaling for the changes from v2beta1 we used to v2beta2 available in Kubernetes 1.11+

Remove the previous resources #

That’s it. Destroy the cluster if it’s dedicated to this chapter, or keep it if it’s not or if you’re planning to jump to the next chapter right away. If you’re keeping it, please delete the go-demo-5 resources by executing the commands that follow.

helm delete go-demo-5 \
    --namespace go-demo-5

kubectl delete ns go-demo-5

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