Revise and Test the Concepts

In this lesson, we will first revise and test our concepts through a short quiz.

Short recap of the chapter #

We explored the simplest way to scale our Deployments and StatefulSets. It’s simple because the mechanism is baked into Kubernetes. All we had to do is define a HorizontalPodAutoscaler with target memory and CPU. While this method for auto-scaling is commonly used, it is often not sufficient. Not all applications increase memory or CPU usage when under stress. Even when they do, those two metrics might not be enough.

In one of the following chapters, we’ll explore how to extend HorizontalPodAutoscaler to use a custom source of metrics. For now, we’ll destroy what we created, and we’ll start the next chapter fresh.

Remove the previous resources #

If you are planning to keep the cluster running, please execute the commands that follow to remove the resources we created.


helm delete metrics-server \
    --namespace metrics

kubectl delete namespace metrics

kubectl delete ns go-demo-5

Otherwise, please delete the whole cluster if you created it only for the purpose of this chapter and you’re not planning to dive into the next chapter right away.

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