Revise and Test the Concepts

In this lesson, we will revise and test the concepts we have learned in this chapter through a small quiz.

Review of the chapter #

Grafana is relatively simple to use and intuitive. If you know how to write queries for the data source hooked to Grafana (e.g., Prometheus), you already learned the most challenging part. The rest is mostly about checking boxes, choosing panel types, and arranging things on the screen. The main difficulty is to avoid getting carried away by creating a bunch of flashy dashboards that do not provide much value. A common mistake is to create a graph for everything we can imagine. That only reduces the value of those that are truly important. Less is often more.

Remove the previous resources #

That’s it. Destroy the cluster if it’s dedicated to this chapter, or keep it if it’s not or if you’re planning to jump to the next chapter right away. If you’re keeping it, please delete the Grafana Chart by executing the command that follows. If we need it in one of the next chapters, I’ll make sure that it’s included in the Gists.

helm delete grafana \
    --namespace metrics

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