Simple Parameterized Test

Understand how to use parameterized tests with a simple and custom display name.

Simple display names

In JUnit 5, we can use @RepeatedTest to make a test run multiple times. However, all these repetitions are identical. The @RepeatedTest simply runs the same test over and over. To run a test multiple times differently, we can use the parameterized tests.

Just as with @RepeatedTest, the org.junit.jupiter.params.ParameterizedTest annotation can be used to replace @Test. The test method should have at least one parameter. We also need to provide at least one source to provide the actual arguments for each invocation. In the code below, the test method simpleValue has an int parameter, num, and we assert that num should be greater than zero. The org.junit.jupiter.params.provider.ValueSource annotation provides static values for arguments. We provide three integers here. In the code below, in the simpleValue() function, assertTrue() checks the condition. If it’s num%2 == 0, the condition passes. Otherwise, it fails.

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