Let’s wrap up this course with a final note.

We'll cover the following

Key takeaways

Having completed this course, you should now have a strong grasp of:

  • How to write basic tests using annotations.
  • The usage of multiple annotations.
  • How to use tags.
  • How to use nested tests in JUnit 5.
  • The dependency injections of JUnit 5.
  • How to use parameterized tests in JUnit 5.
  • How to use dynamic tests in JUnit 5.
  • The extension models of JUnit 5.
  • How to use the JUnit platform.
  • The execution order of tests.

You’ve covered a significant portion of JUnit 5. Congratulations!

However, this isn’t the end of the road. There’s still so much to learn, so stay motivated and keep exploring!

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