GraphQL Implementation Example

Learn how to implement a GraphQL application in this lesson.

GraphQL implementation example with Go

To understand how GraphQL works, we create a simple GraphQL application with the Go programming language. The GraphQL application is created with the gqlgen library. This library has many features, including generating a resolver from the schema.

You may use the following commands to initialize the project if you have to set it up on a local machine. However, it has already been set up for you on the Educative platform.

go mod init go-simple-graphql

Add the gqlgen library with this command. The version we’re using is 0.17.10.

go get

Next, create a project skeleton using the gqlgen library with this command.

go run init

In the project, there’s a file called schema.graphqls in the graph directory. This file is used to store the schemas for the GraphQL application, including query and mutation schemas.

We create a schema for product data in the schema.graphqls file in the graph directory.

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