Building a Backend Application with Go

Building a Backend Application with Go


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AI Explanations
Building a Backend Application with Go
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Takeaway Skills

Familiarity with core components of REST API, including HTTP methods and status codes

Hands-on experience developing REST API applications using the Go programming language

Familiarity with core components of GraphQL, including schema, query, mutation, and resolver

Hands-on experience developing GraphQL applications using the Go programming language

Ability to test the backend application using the apitest library

Course Overview

In modern backend applications, many programming languages can be chosen, including Go—a programming language that provides high performance with concise syntax and can also be used to develop backend applications, including REST API and GraphQL applications. This course will cover many tools that can be used to develop a backend application, including fiber for REST API application, gqlgen for GraphQL application, and apitest for testing purposes. In this course, you’ll learn about the main concepts of we...Show More

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to use Go for the backend?

Go outperforms Node.js in executing performance-intensive tasks, particularly in handling a high volume of concurrent requests. You can become a Go back-end developer by following these steps: -Understand the essentials of computer science. -Enhance your expertise in back-end tools and technologies. -Work on developing a strong portfolio. -Commit to continuous learning. -Get ready for Golang-specific interview questions.


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