Project Creation: Part One

In this lesson, we will start our project to classify different Pokemons.

Introduction to the project

Welcome to our first project in the course.

The project is divided into two lessons for better understanding. In this section, we will set up all the resources, the dataset, and the preprocessing of the dataset so that it becomes compatible with our ConvNet Model, ResNet50.

Before starting the project, please read the guidelines below so that it will be easy to work along with the course:

  • Download the dataset here
  • The dataset contains 10 different Pokemons. But if you want to build a model on a larger dataset, you can get the download from here. It contains around 150 types of Pokemons.
  • If you do not have a nicely configured CPU, then we suggest using Google Colab for building the model.
  • The following packages are used:
    • keras
    • numpy
    • matplotlib

You are now ready to start the project.

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