Project Ideas

We would now like to suggest some more projects that you can work on and showcase on your resume, Github, etc.

Project list

We will be discussing six project ideas that you should consider working on in order to sharpen your skills.

1. Rock-paper-scissors (easy)

The first project is going to be a rock-paper-scissors game but don’t assume that this is going to be easy. We have some specifications and requirements on the basis of which the project needs to be created. In this project, two people will show their hands in front of a computer screen. Each hand can be classified into one of the three categories: rock, paper, or scissors. Based upon what you have seen, make a prediction. The easiest way to do this is to give two fixed boxes in which you have to show your hand; then, you can use opencv thresholding to just get a black-and-white picture of the hand. You will remove the background, using thresholding, and get the shape of the hand; using a simple classifier or a simple network, you will classify the hand as scissors, rock, or paper. If you want to add some increased difficulty to this game, instead of having fixed boxes, you can use an object detection algorithm to figure out where the player’s hand is. Then, you can divide the screen into two parts, one for each player; accordingly, you can use the object detection first and then do classification. We hope you have an idea on how you can implement this.

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