Project Creation: Part One

In this lesson, we are going to start building our last project in this course based on Transfer Learning in NLP.

Introduction to the project

Thus far, we have discussed a variety of topics. Remember what we discussed about transfer learning and word2vec. In this project, we are going to use another pre-trained model (embedding): GloVe. This project will use the concepts of transfer learning, embedding, and LSTMs. In this project, we are going to predict an emoji for a particular sentence.

To get started with this project, you will require the following packages. So, first make sure they are installed. You can run the commands below on your local machine.

pip install emoji
pip install numpy
pip install pandas
pip install keras

Import the packages and load the dataset

You can download the dataset file by clicking the download button shown below. This is a very small dataset and that’s the main reason why we are using transfer learning in this project. Once you have the dataset, you can go ahead and import the packages as shown ahead.

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