The Web Share API

Explore the Web Share API to enhance social sharing functionality on the web.


The modern web has brought new technologies and APIs that can improve user experience. One such API is the Web Share API. This API allows web developers to integrate native sharing capabilities into their web applications, which makes it easier for users to share content with their friends and followers on social media platforms.

The Web Share API

The Web Share API is a JavaScript API that enables web applications to invoke the native sharing capabilities of the user’s device. Users can share content from our web application directly to their preferred social media platforms, messaging apps, or email clients without relying on third-party sharing widgets. Since the web share API does not rely on third-party services, it reduces the risk of user data being shared with external entities.

This API allows the sharing of data like text, links, and files to the shared targets selected by the user. The share targets typically include the system clipboard, email, contacts or messaging applications, and Bluetooth or Wi-Fi channels. This API provides the sharing UI used by the operating system.

Browser support for the Web Share API

As of May 2023, the Web Share API has varying levels of support across different browsers for the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome has supported the Web Share API since version 61 on Android and version 89 on desktop platforms (Windows, Chrome OS).
  • Microsoft Edge has supported the Web Share API since version 93 on all desktop platforms.
  • Apple Safari has supported the Web Share API since iOS 12.2 on mobile devices and macOS 10.14.4 on desktop platforms.
  • Mozilla Firefox currently supports the Web Share API only on Android since version 79.

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The Web Share API in action

Here’s a simple web application that demonstrates the use of the Web Share API. It has a basic HTML page with a button that, when clicked, shares a predefined message and URL.

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