Write and Run the Tests for the Forms

Learn about web forms and how to write and test them.

In today’s web applications, web forms are very prevalent. A form is used when we want to collect data (inputs) from our application’s users. As a result, it creates a more dynamic website because we can utilize the information gathered to alter the web page.

For example, a search engine like Google accepts input from its users via a web form and customizes its result based on the information. In addition, every site that asks us to log in, such as GitHub, requires us to provide our username and password. This information is used to determine if we’re a genuine user or not.

Furthermore, if we wish to buy something online, such as on the Amazon website, we’re requested to enter our credit card information.

Because we allow users to keep books in a catalog as part of this project, we need a web form to gather this information. We then save it in the database so we can return the books to them.

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