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About this course

Front-end interviews are not the easiest. How can you prepare? Where should you start? These are some of the common questions that anyone beginning the interview preparation process has. There is a wide range of questions that may be asked during the interview. These can include questions about your past experiences with various technologies or your familiarity with CSS frameworks, etc.

This course is a guide for those preparing for front-end interviews who already have some sound knowledge of CSS. The course is focused on evaluating your CSS skills only. We will focus on the most fundamental concepts of the CSS language that the interviewer expects a candidate to know, such as:

  • CSS Selectors and Specificity
  • CSS Text, Color, and Fonts Quiz
  • CSS Border and Background
  • CSS Overflow

This course is full of challenges, quizzes, and multiple-choice questions. Most of the multiple-choice questions are syntax-based specific to CSS, and, in the challenges, you will be evaluating different scenarios. Some of the questions are commonly asked during the interviews; others are to help you practice a concept so that you can answer any difficult issues related to it. Some of the topics are:

  • Pseudo-element vs. Pseudo-class Selectors
  • Block Formatting Context (BFC)
  • z-index and Stacking Context
  • Different Clearing Techniques

CSS preprocessors and frameworks are not in the scope of the course. The interviewers tend to focus on the framework that the candidate is comfortable with, so we cannot cover them all in this course. We suggest that the learner brush up on their favorite framework.

Intended audience

This course is an interview refresher and is not designed for those who are just stepping into the realm of CSS. Hence, it assumes familiarity with the fundamentals of CSS, as you’ll be evaluated from basic concepts to the most frequently asked interview questions. If you want to freshen up your knowledge on these topics before proceeding through this course, here is a list of our other CSS based courses: