About the Samples

This lesson provides samples for visualizing what you’ve studied so far in the course.

All samples are included in the repository under the samples folder. You can run any sample by executing the following commands inside a certain sample’s folder:

$ npm i
$ npm start


Niai is a modern app for looking up similar Kanjis, homonyms, and synonyms in the Japanese language, which is also open sourced here! So, you can check it for a real-world usage of css-theming.




The basic sample demonstrates how to setup css-theming in an app. We don’t do anything special here, we only initialize the default theme category.

Additional theme props

The additional-theme-props sample demonstrates how to add additional theme props to be consumed in the app.

Additional sidebar theme category

The additional-sidebar-theme-category sample demonstrates how to register a sidebar theme category.

Additional navbar theme category

The additional-navbar-theme-category sample demonstrates how to register a sidebar theme category.

Do you have any suggestions for a new sample? Be sure to reach out to me about it!

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