Programmatic Access

This lesson discusses how to have programmatic access to all the data we define in CSS.

What is programmatic access? #

As developers who use web technologies, we’re used to working across three different but cooperative languages: HTML (the layout), JS (the script), CSS (the style).

Sometimes, it’s beneficial to be able to access what we define in CSS from the script. This is what we mean by gaining programmatic access to the values we define in our CSS/SCSS.

Let’s look at a use case. Assuming we have 3 different themes in our app, we’ll have those defined somewhere in our CSS/SCSS files. It’s a common need to display some kind of page where the end user can select what theme they want. In such a case, we’ll want a way for our code to get the names of those themes. We could put the theme names in our code file in addition to their definitions in CSS/SCSS, but that would be redundant and will double the places we’ll have to edit if we ever change anything.

What we need is a way to obtain the different CSS values we’re defining in CSS programmatically.

Explanation #

In JavaScript, we do this by obtaining the computed styles of an element:

const style = getComputedStyle(element);
const value = style.getPropertyValue(prop);

The prop above can be any CSS prop or CSS variables. Our strategy here is to somehow put the theme names in a CSS variable.

Let’s assume we have our themes defined as a SCSS map:

$themes: (
  'light-theme': (...),
  'dark-theme': (...)

To get a list of the theme names we’ll map the keys to obtain a list of the names:

$theme-names: map-keys($themes);

Then, put the result in a CSS variable so that we can obtain it later in code:

body {
  --theme-names: #{$theme-names};

The --theme-names variable will contain a comma delimited list of the names now.

Then, obtaining those names in code becomes easy:

const style = getComputedStyle(document.body);
const names = style.getPropertyValue('--theme-names');
const themeNames = names.split(',').join(', ');

Putting all of this together:

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