Obtaining CSS Design Values

This lesson shows how to programmatically access design values.

We'll cover the following

The design-values module in css-theming gives you programmatic access to some of the CSS defined variables. You can, for example, obtain and display all the semantic colors in your app:

import {
} from 'css-theming';

const semanticColorNames = getSemanticColorNames();
// Do whatever you want with `semanticColorNames`, it's an array of strings.

Note: All modules are exported in css-theming so you can import from 'css-theming' instead of from 'design-values';

Here are all the definitions you can obtain from design-values:


Obtaining defined themes #

A common operation is displaying a list of your themes. For this we’ll use the getThemes function. This returns an array of Theme objects, defined as:

export interface Theme {
  category: string | null;
  name: string;
  cssName: string;
  brightness: Brightness;

So, getThemes might return something like:

  "name": "default",
  "category": "",
  "cssName": "theme-default",
  "brightness": "light"
}, {
  "name": "default-dark",
  "category": "",
  "cssName": "theme-default-dark",
  "brightness": "dark"

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