Theme Brightness

This lesson introduces the concept of a theme brightness.

We'll cover the following


A theme brightness defines the mood of a theme. For now, we’ll assume there are only two brightness levels:

  • Light

  • Dark

Having a dark theme is becoming more and more popular these days, so I’m sure you already expected a CSS theming course to talk about exactly that! But why do we have to talk about it? I mean, isn’t a dark theme just like any other theme? Why should we treat it differently?


This comes around to human biology really, but this would be the wrong course for that! In short, there are certain things in the difference between a light and a dark theme that forces us to treat it especially, in particular when it comes to colors (which we’ll talk about in the next lesson). Every brightness is associated with a certain basis for backgrounds/foregrounds in our app. A light theme always goes with lighter colors, a dark theme always goes with darker colors.

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