Challenge - Overall Description of the Data

In this challenge, we will look at some tasks about indexing and description.

Before you start the challenge, you need to know that the data used in all subsequent challenges are in a CSV file named raw_data.csv.

This means that you NEED to load this CSV file to your DataFrame object in all challenges.

This file’s operator is the comma with eight columns and 781 rows where the first row is the header.

Below is an example of this file, the header, and two rows. This is a Purchase dataset. You can tell the exact meaning of the data from the column names.

Purchase ID SN Age Gender Item ID Item Name Price
0 Lisim78 20 Male 108 Extraction, Quickblade Of Trembling Hands 3.53
1 Lisovynya38 40 Male 143 Frenzied Scimitar 1.56

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