Convert DataFrame to a List

DataFrames or Series are very useful data structures, but not all Python libraries use these types. So, you need to convert them to other Python types, such as a list. In previous lessons, we learned how to create Series and DataFrames from a Python list. Here, we see how to convert them back.

Convert data to list without index

Both Series and DataFrame have a very simple function, tolist(). From the name you can immediately tell what the function does.

You can call the function directly from a Series or from the attribute values. They are the same.


  • The DataFrame only supports the second method, which is called from the attribute values.
  • The type of the result from DataFrame is a nested list.
  • The values attribute does not include labels like row or column names, so, you wouldn’t get the index. If you want to keep the labels, just see the next section.

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