These are the datasets you will use during the course, including music, travel, and medical datasets.

Core dataset (Music)

For the purpose of the course, the code examples will use a dummy dataset of music artists, including information such as:

  1. Artist Name
  2. Country
  3. Number of plays (how many times the artist has been listened to in a specific period)
  4. Genre (the type of music the artist plays).

Shown below is a subset of the music dataset you’ll be using in the exercises.

Artist Country Plays Genre
The Beatles UK 150 rock
Pink Floyd UK 10000 rock
Metallica US 500 metal
Cairokee Egypt 200 rock
ACDC US 250 rock
The Doors US 1000 rock
Poets of The Fall Finland 250 rock

In some lesson categories, there will be additional columns/datasets to allow for more advanced challenges. These include date information and continents of countries, among other columns.

Other datasets

In the Introduction lessons, there will be references to two other datasets: Travel and Medical. There are no specific columns or attributes associated with each; think of them simply as tools to introduce you to the concepts and possible interview questions.


This dataset includes information about travelers, their nationalities, and their choice of destination.


This involves patients and their symptoms, as well as their demographic information.