Career in Data Science

A discussion of the primary reasons motivating people to choose a career in data science.

Companies are looking for data scientists who can solve their problems rather than data science enthusiasts looking for a data science job. Besides this, there are five major reasons you should choose to start a career in data science.

As data science is still a new field, you won’t find many candidates who fulfill the requirements for data science jobs and apply for the same profile you will be applying for. Also, a lot of things haven’t been done in this field. For example, there is no standard tool for data cleaning, which is a major part of any data science project.

As a result, domain understanding will be required to perform the analysis, and you'll find that not every company has domain experts with data science knowledge. So, the company hires a data scientist, and the data scientist collaborates with other teams to solve business problems.

Analytics India Magazine says that the lack of appropriately skilled data scientists is a matter that we must all worry about. Therefore, the industry requires more individuals to enhance the data science workforce. It doesn’t mean there aren’t highly skilled people, but it takes time to become highly skilled in any field.

Data science is not difficult

People tend to prefer easier tasks and believe that data science is not easy, but it is not that difficult if you have a mathematical mindset. If you believe that something is hard and you can’t do it, it will become difficult for you, but if you believe that you can do it, you will find it easy.

For example, programming is not easy for a lot of people around the world. A research report about the difficulty in understanding programming says that working with functions, understanding the scope of the variables, and the necessity to pass and return the parameters are the most common difficult parts of learning a programming language. So, the first thing you need to have is motivation and self-confidence.

Impact and future

After seeing the benefits of data science, companies started building their own data science team. According to LinkedIn, it is the fastest-growing field. There are many things a business needs, and a data scientist can help with that, such as improving the precision of the target audience, reducing the cost involved in the production, making the data meaningful, and so on. This makes it a highly impactful field.

Many companies may not use data and analytics to make business decisions because they think they’re too small or don’t have a budget to invest in data analysis. But if we look at the current trend in the market, we can easily predict that all of them will convert into data-driven companies. Also, many startups are emerging; therefore, the number of opportunities will grow faster.

The data scientist position is one of the highest-paid jobs in the world, but it depends on the industry, location, and experience. In general, the annual salary hike for data science professionals is very high. There is a shortage of data science professionals, from beginners to managerial levels. This increases the chances of moving from entry-level positions to higher-level positions. Therefore, there is a lot of opportunity for growth in data science.

Many work options

As a data scientist, you'll find many work options. The technology industry employs more data science professionals, but it is not restricted to a specific industry as the usage of data science to make business decisions has increased. You can work in almost every industry.

Suppose you have a good knowledge of algorithms and adopt the latest technologies. In that case, you can also work as a freelance data science consultant and act as a key person for multiple companies, which will depend on your data insights when making important decisions.