Quiz: Relationships in ASP.NET Core

A quiz to test your understanding of relationships in ASP.NET Core.

Quiz on relationships in ASP.NET Core


In the previous lessons, we have configured relations between Student and Teacher and between Student and ContactInfo. This allowed us to:

  • Save student information in one table and their contact information in another table.
  • Save teacher information in one table and assign multiple students to multiple teachers.

However, we are unable to save the teacher’s contact information. What is the best approach from the given options to resolve this issue?


Create a new model class TeacherContactInfo. Establish a one-to-one relationship between Teacher and TeacherContactInfo.


Adding a one-to-one relationship between ContactInfo and Teacher.


Create a model class User with an attribute of Type, which specifies if a user is a student or a teacher. A One-to-One relation between User and ContactInfo.

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