Setting up ASP.NET Core Project on Visual Studio 2019

Learn how to set up an ASP.NET Core project on your machine by using Visual Studio 2019.

We'll cover the following

You have the freedom to develop .NET applications on any platform you want, whether it be Windows, macOS, or Linux. Tools available for developing on each platform are Visual Studio for Windows, Visual Studio for Mac, and Visual Studio Code for Windows/macOS/Linux.

It is recommended to use Visual Studio on a Windows machine However, due to the extensive amount of documentation and helping material available online for .NET applications being developed on Visual Studio on Windows.

Required software

The following list of software should be downloaded and installed on your machine:

  • Visual Studio
  • .NET Core 3.1

During the installation process of Visual Studio, options for language and framework support will appear. For ASP.NET Core, make sure to install .NET Core dependencies.

Setting up a project

After Visual Studio has been downloaded and installed, launch the application. This window will show up:

Click on “Create a new project”. A new window will pop up. Here search for “ASP.NET Core Web Application.” Another option for this is to use the search bar.

Select it and click “Next”. Now, you have to name your project. Name it anything you want.

You will have to select which type of ASP.NET Core web application you want. Select the option which specifies Model-View-Controller. Then click “Next”.

Visual Studio will load the required files and set up your starter files. After it is done, you will be presented with files and folders consisting of code.

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