Why Should You Learn ASP.NET?

Reasons why you should learn ASP.NET instead of what others might tell you.

What do the “tech gurus” say?

This is how most discussions play out. If you go to Google and search:

Which technology stack should one learn?

You will come across different results. Articles are vouching for different technologies, followed by more articles that present arguments about why that technology is on the verge of extinction. This leads to much confusion and it is a waste of time.

Most of the time, ASP.NET is not even in the conversation.

Does that mean ASP.NET is not worth studying?

No, it is quite the contrary. To better explain this, we need to address these questions:

  • Why do we want to learn a technology stack in the first place?

    To get into the world of software development or expand our skillset, you must learn the technology stack.

  • Why should we pick ASP.NET over other technology?

    Just because the most recognizable consumer-facing companies do not use ASP.NET does not mean it is not in high demand. .NET is mostly popular in enterprises. In other words, it is mostly popular with medium to large scale businesses; this includes banks, business-to-business, and more.

    Secondly, .NET is developed and maintained by one of the biggest companies in the world – Microsoft. It is in Microsoft’s best interest to make sure this technology remains updated with the latest features and security. Therefore, you can be rest assured that there will be demand for .NET developers. This technology is not going to get stale since there are new features added to it every year.