Learn why building and supporting infrastructure in a large organization can be a problem. See how Event-Driven-Architecture can help solve it.

We'll cover the following

A challenge

Building and supporting infrastructure in a large organization can be a challenging task. Organizations usually rely on automation for all deployment steps, such as creating cloud environments for a department with a set of virtual machines containing preinstalled software, utilities, and services. This preinstalled software may have its own dependencies like database, storage, connection to log analytics, and other log services.

However, utilities and services may also have external dependencies. Therefore, you need to have a mechanism to check and ensure that:

  • Required connections are established.
  • Dependencies are installed.
  • The proper automation runbook is triggered.
  • Alerts and logging are configured to notify the administrators or other team members.


For the course, basic knowledge of Azure cloud or another cloud provider is needed. This course is focused on problem-solving, so make sure you are familiar with cloud services before you begin.

What you will learn

In this course, we’ll be focusing on the following:

  1. Learn exactly what Event-Driven Architecture is in terms of cloud usage.
  2. Create a solution to manage virtual machines based on Event-Driven Architecture.
  3. Design and build an automation pipeline for your solution.