Login Setup

A short lesson on how to log in with your Azure account.

Why this is needed

In the terminals, we will be using the Azure PowerShell/CLI to run our commands. It requires us to log in with our credentials to access our account. Unlike most CLI login methods, Azure security measures require us to log in interactively each time, and your terminal will be logged out after a given period of inactivity.

To allow you to create the project in your own Azure account, we will log in once and save our authentication context in a .json file. In case you get logged out, you can come back to this lesson and get authenticated easily.

Running commands

Throughout the course, we will be using the terminal to run our commands. We will be using both PowerShell and the CLI. It is better to use PowerShell as it supports the CLI as well. You can access PowerShell by typing in pwsh. You can see the differences between the two below.

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