Challenge: Managing Applications with Flux

Test new application management skills by establishing a continuous deployment pipeline with Flux.

Problem statement

In this challenge, we'll establish a continuous deployment pipeline using Flux. To complete the challenge, we'll need to set up a kustomization that completes the pipeline. Within the interactive widget below, we'll find that Flux and the Flux CLI have been installed on the cluster. Moreover, a Git repository named challenge-repository has been created and stored in the GitHub Flux management repository created for the course. The challenge-repository is configured to pull the desired state from a Git repository that contains declarative configuration for the cluster, including a Deployment that runs version 3.0 of the sample Python application.

Coding challenge

Make the necessary changes to the Flux configuration by creating the kustomization that will sync the desired state found in the challenge-repository on the cluster. To begin with, we'll need to run the interactive widget below and perform the work within the terminal:

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