Flux Source

Practice creating a source within Flux that monitors a Git repository.

Flux source

After Flux is installed on a cluster, the next step is configuring a source. A source provides connection information to a repository that stores the desired state of our system, which Flux will eventually apply to the cluster. Once a source resource is created on the cluster, the Flux SourceController will begin to monitor the repository configured in the source to detect any changes to the desired state. In this way, a source connects Flux to the repository storing the desired state.

When Flux is configured to monitor a source, the connection is read-only, so there is no concern that Flux might change the desired state in the repository. When a change is detected in the repository, an artifact is created to reflect the changes. This artifact can then be used by other Flux controllers, like the kustomize-controller, to apply the desired state to the cluster.

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