Continuous delivery with Helm and Flux

When managing Kubernetes workloads with Flux, developers can choose to combine the powerful capabilities of Flux with Helm. This allows developers to manage their clusters using GitOps when their Kubernetes resources are described within a Helm chart.

Getting started with Helm and Flux

To begin using Helm with Flux, we'll first need to provision the Flux resources to establish the continuous delivery pipeline that installs and reconciles the Helm chart on the cluster. To get started, launch the interactive terminal below, which will create a new Kubernetes cluster with Flux and Helm installed.

Create the Flux resources

After the interactive terminal launches, we can use the Flux CLI to generate the manifest for the Flux GitRepository and HelmRelease, establishing the continuous delivery pipeline that manages the cluster workload using GitOps.

Create the GitRepository

The GitRepository resource that we'll establish will connect to the GitHub repository containing the Helm chart, which was created in the GitHub account when we launched the interactive terminal. To generate the declarative resource definition for the GitRepository with the Flux CLI, run the following command within the interactive terminal, replacing the placeholder for the GitHub username with the name of the GitHub account:

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