Kaggle Challenge - Present, Launch and Maintain the System

6. Present the Solution

Now comes the phase where you need to showcase your results, to present your solution. Some handy pointers:

  • Highlight what you have learned
  • What worked and what did not
  • What assumptions you made
  • Your models limitations
  • Create compelling presentations: use clear visualizations, easy to remember statements, avoid lots of text and use the power of story-telling!
  • Use terminology that is tailored to the technical level of the audience.

๐Ÿ“ŒSide Note: Say this housing example was a real project. The final performance of the model could be used to understand if ML based solution can be used to replace human experts in the loop. Automating these tasks is useful because it means that the experts get to have more free time which they can dedicate to more interesting and productive tasks.

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