Given two strings, str1 and str2, return the number of times str2 appears in str1 as a subsequence.

Note: A string XX is a subsequence of string YY if deleting some number of characters from YY results in the string XX.

Let’s assume that you have two strings as follows:

  • str1 = "bbagbag"
  • str2 = "bag"

In this example, str2 appears 77 times in str1 as a subsequence:

  1. bbagbag
  2. bbagbag
  3. bbagbag
  4. bbagbag
  5. bbagbag
  6. bbagbag
  7. bbagbag


  • 1 \leq str1.length, str2.length \leq 500
  • str1.length \geq str2.length
  • str1 and str2 consist of lowercase English letters


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